Parimal Chakraborti Memorial Charitable Trust

Rules & Regulations

Recently Rehabilitation International, 2014 celebrated completion of 30 years of services in the disability sector.
Sl. No. Rule Description
RULE-1 Object of the Society The aims and objects are public charitable objects as expressed in the Memorandum.
RULE-2 Power Without prejudice to the generality to the aims and objects of the Trust as defined
In the Memorandum of Association and matters specifically dealt with in these rules the Trust will have powers to do all such acts as shall be deemed to be incidental and conductive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
RULE-3 Construction The Trust shall consist of individual persons both male and female.
RULE-4 Rights and Privileges of members Subject to the provision of these rules generally or any Bye laws there under, a member shall amongst other have the following rights and privileges –
Right to vote at General Meetings of the Society provided that the annual subscription and other dues, if any, have been paid in time
Right to seek election to the Board or any Committee of the Society subject to the provision of Rules here in after mentioned
Right to obtain information about working and accounts of the Society
RULE-5 Properties and funds The properties both movable and immovable, if not vested will vest in the Board of Trustees and they will be sole authority to acquire and dispose off the properties and funds in the manner they decide to attain the objects of the Society. Income by voluntary contributions, donations and subscriptions or otherwise to the Society will constitute the funds and will be utilized partly or entirely by the Board of Trustees for attainment of the aims and objects of the Society as set forth in its Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof be transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profits to its members provided that nothing therein shall prevent any payment of remuneration in return for any services actually rendered to it. The Board of Trustees may keep part or whole of the properties both movable and immovable including funds in custody of such person or persons as they think safe and beneficial in the interest of the Society.
RULE-6 Annual Meetings If the Board’s Annual Report and the Treasurer’s audited Statement of Accounts cannot be circulated for any reason, the same should be placed before the Annual General Meeting stating the reasons thereof. This, however, will not invalidate the proceedings of the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall ordinarily be held during the month of January each year. The Managing Trustee shall issue 21 (twenty one) clear days’ notice in writing to all affiliated organizations and individual members at their registered address, intimating the date, time and place of the meeting. An agenda, specifying the nature of business to be transacted at the meeting shall accompany the notice. A copy of the Board’s Annual